Outside of commissions I serve as the manager for Paradox pins, my partner's pin company!I typically work for PxP half the week and commissions the other half of the week. Some of my duties include concept art, customer service, managing/shipping orders, and other behind the scenes work.I like to consider myself an easy person to talk to online- I usually respond fast and like to get straight to the point of messages.Despite my online personality, I am extremely socially awkward, so if you see me IRL at a convention or anywhere else don't be surprised if I don't approach- I find it hard to interact with people I don't know too well. However, if you start a conversation with me I typically open up pretty fast!I enjoy hanging out with my friends, and making new ones! I’m a very silly person, and I enjoy the time I spend with others very much!


Hiya! I’m Matt but mainly known as Shayde/Shaydestuck! I’m a 22 year old trans (FTM) freelance artist working full-time who mainly focuses on drawing anthropomorphic artwork.I’m basically on the art grind 24/7, and it’s extremely rare for my commissions to close.I’m currently working towards saving up to move and get topsurgery, so any commissions or support (such as purchasing from my store) help me to save towards those goals and help me pay my monthly bills.When I’m not working, I like to spend my free time drawing personal art, playing video games (I especially love pokemon and animal crossing), watching tv shows (usually cartoons or anime!), or fursuiting and going to conventions.I also like to dance in my freetime and I participate in fursuit dance competitions at the conventions I go to.